Saturday, October 5, 2013

Phone Call?

We knew Tyson was leaving for Tennessee on Monday, September 23rd.  That was only 12 days in the MTC.  CRAZY! He sent a picture of his itinerary, so we knew his plane left at 7:10 a.m. We were awake and waiting all morning hoping to hear from him. Sometimes missionaries don't have time to call so we weren't positive we would hear from him.  When 6:00 came and went my hopes were getting low.  Then at 6:10 my cell phone rang.  As soon as I heard his voice my eyes teared up.  It was so GREAT to hear his voice. I put him on speaker phone and we all able to talk to him.  He told us a little about the MTC and how things had been going.  We only got to talk to him for about 10 mins.  It wasn't nearly long enough.  His companion had a ward member who was flying out that morning and he met them and let them use his cell phone, but his flight was leaving soon so he had to go.  I am so glad we got to talk to him, but I can see why they don't let the missionaries call home often.  It was hard.  We had a family hug and a quick cry and then we went to work and school.  Around 12:45 that afternoon I received another call from Tyson.  He was able to call again during his layover.  It was so fun to talk to him again.  We only talked for about 2 minutes, but it was worth it.  

That was Monday morning.  We didn't hear anything all week.  We didn't hear if he had made it to Tennessee.  We just kept thinking I guess we would of heard if he hadn't made it.  It was a LONG week for me.  At least at the MTC we knew where he was and what he was doing.  We didn't know anything and it was killing me. Then on Saturday, September 28th we FINALLY got a letter from Tyson's mission president.  It had three pictures in it.  One of Tyson with the mission president and his wife, one of Tyson and his new companion Elder Fisher, and one with the all the new Missionaries in Nashville.  They had 35 new missionaries.  The letter told us Tyson was assigned to serve in Marion, Kentucky.  It was so good to finally know where he was.  Marion is a very small town with a ton of other churches, but no LDS.  We knew he would definitely have his work cut out for him.   

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