Saturday, October 5, 2013

First Letter and Pictures!

We received a letter from Tyson on Saturday, September 14th.  It was so fun to hear from him two days in a row.  Then we didn't hear anything again until Friday, September 20th.  We received 1 quick email and then about 28 emails of pictures.  And, I was so worried he wouldn't take any! :)  I LOVED seeing his week in pictures. I cried when I first saw him with his name tag on.  

Hey Mom!
  I miss you guys so much. I think about you guys all the time. I love all the Dear Elder Letters that you guys send. They mean the world. Especially the package that I got a couple of days ago! It was so cool opening it up and seeing everything that you guys had sent me! I love all the food! There is a little too much though ;) haha just kidding! I love it all. I was so grateful to hear that dad passed his policy test! I know that he has been working so hard on it. I know that he will do awesome in the next couple of tests. I'll send you another email that tells about my experiences. :) I love you Mom! <3

Love Elder Cottam

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