Monday, October 7, 2013

2nd week in Marion, KY

Tyson didn't send any pictures this week, but we did
get a great email.  Enjoy!

   I'm doing pretty great! I miss my Family and Friends a lot though. Each day is like a roller coaster, but each day gets better and better! Kentucky is a pretty interesting place! haha Especially Marion! It only has about 3,200 people! Dad said that there was about 220,000, but that is far off! haha! This is the smallest town that I've been in by far! I love the people here. They are so nice to us. They have a ton of Baptist here! haha. They haven't read the Book of Mormon, but they still take it from us when we offer it to them. We have been teaching a lot of lessons from the door step of their house and we are leading our zone with the amount of Book of Mormons we give out, but the only hard part is getting the second lesson. We have a bunch of potential investigators, but it's hard to contact them again. We have only been in Marion for a week, so we are doing pretty good. Especially for opening up a new area! I never knew how hard it was to open up a new area, but I am ready for the challenge! I am learning a lot from Elder Fisher! He is 23 and he has been out for a year!
  Conference was fantastic! It made me feel like I was at home again! I loved all the talks and I loved hearing from the Prophet! We had to drive down to the Princeton church because that is the only church we have around us! haha. The members that go to the church are really nice and they have a lot of love. We spent most of the day in Princeton on Saturday and Sunday. Conference was a little different, but still had the same spirit and it still helped my testimony grow!

   I will try to get you pictures as soon as possible. Today is a half P-Day because we are having the zone P-Day on Thursday and we will play dodge ball and lots of other fun games. Today I only have an hour and a half for computers. I didn't really write an experience letter this time. I'm just emailing everyone back. Things are still a little hectic here, so give me a second to get caught up. I promise that my letters will be better once I get used to being here. Can you believe that I've almost been on my mission for a month? 4 days and it will be a month! Crazy stuff!
   I love and miss all of you! I love the emails. I've received only one letter. I'm fine with that cause I know that it is expensive to send a letter. I still would like a letter from you guys every once in awhile! It was the letter from you about Jackson's blog. I loved what he said. I will learn from him! 

  I think about you guys all the time! I love you!
-Love Elder Cottam

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