Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Slow week??

May 5, 2014
Hey Family & Friends!!
This week was a pretty slow week, but that tends to happen sometimes.  I hope you enjoy hearing about my week.

Monday: We had a pretty good Pday. Got a lot done and had some fun. We went to a dinner appointment with the Tolk family and had a lessonwith their friends, Jean & John. The lesson was kind of all over the place and I was trying to bring it back to the basics. It turned out fine, but it's hard sometimes when others try to understand the College or High School level of our religion before understanding Elementary level. All of it is true, it just doesn't make sense unless you know the basics first. That's what I love about Heavenly Father and this Church. It's a Church of personal learning and personal progress. We all learn at our own level.

Tuesday: We went out to find some less active members in area 6 of our ward, but we didn't have a lot of luck or time. People are never home!! haha. I understand though. For dinner the Barton Family have us over. It just so happens that Bro Keith Barton used to be the famous attorney in Utah!! He was the, "One call, that's all" guy!! haha. I used to see his ads all the time when I was younger. haha. We meet a lot of famous people in the Green Hills Ward. Bro Tolk is a famous Physics Professor at Vanderbilt and he has a, "I'm a Mormon" video on mormon.org. It's just crazy!! Anyways, Bro Barton and his family are super nice, they have a ridiculously nice home that even has an elevator inside!! We had a good short lesson with them. Then, we saw some less actives in the area.

Wednesday: We had a pretty good District Meeting. It didn't go as I planned it would, but that never happens. haha. We tracked a bunch of houses around the Church afterwards and found this one older lady named, Beth. She was super nice and really willing to talk to us on her porch. We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration and how our Church is ran and organized. It went really well. She was grateful to talk to us that day. After dinner, we took a long bus ride up to the North-West side of our area and tried to see a couple people, but didn't have a lot of success. The bus really kills us sometimes on time.

Thursday: This was a day full of tracting. haha. We found this one really good area and we tried to see them, but most of them weren't home. We had a set appointment with Danielle, but she wasn't home. So,we tracked the area around and found about 5 potential Investigators. It went really well. After dinner, we tried to see some people we talked to before, but they weren't home either, so we ended up tracking around them and found some potentials again.

Friday: Some of the members of our District found this really cool service opportunity and told us about it, so in the morning we headed up there and helped them stock up on some supplies. They are called, "The Little Pantry That Could". They give some food and clothing to the homeless/ less fortunate. It went well. We were able to talk to quite a bit of people and give a couple a Book of Mormon. After that, we had a set appointment with a guy named, Marco, but he also wasn't home when he said to come by. We headed back to the place to weekly plan. For dinner, we went over to one of the Green Hills Sister's Investigator's house. His name is Jason. He is a nice guy, but he isn't progressing very much. We had a decent lesson with him and we focused on having him pray about Prophets. We followed up the next day and said that he had prayed and that he had a lot to talk about, so we should be meeting with him again this week. Hopefully it goes well.

Saturday: We did a ton of Service Saturday. We were asked by the Library to help them move a bunch of books around and set up for their book fair. Then, a single lady in the Ward need help with a bunch of work around her house. We moved some cabinets to her shed, cleaned off her back porch, take a bunch of trash to the dump, and fixed her mud room. Luckily we had a bunch of other men from the Ward, so it went pretty quickly. We tracked after dinner and found a couple people.

Sunday: We had a pretty good Sunday. Good testimonies. Tracked after we had studies after Church and talked with this guy about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration. It went well. The Thompson's came and picked us up for dinner. It was really good. We had a solid lesson with them. Came back and looked for more people to see.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading about my week!! Thanks for everything!! I love and miss you guys so much!! I hope you guys have a great week!!!

-Love Elder Cottam

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