Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A very successful week!!

Hey Family & Friends!
  Wow what a crazy and successful week!! We have also been having a lot of snow so, that's why I couldn't write to you guys until today.
  The work is really moving forward! We had a very successful week. We had 3 investigators and 1 less active come to church this Sunday!! It was awesome! I love seeing the progress of an area!!
Monday: Transfer breakfast. I already told you about that. It was super delicious. After the breakfast and writing to you guys we had dinner and went out and tried to see a bunch of people.
Tuesday: Was a super cold and chilly day!! haha. This was the day of transfers, but luckily Elder Roney and I stayed the same so it was just a normal day. We tried to meet a less active at McDonald's, but she didn't show. Then we went and saw a couple other people before dinner. After dinner, we went down to Princeton and met the new Princeton Sisters, Sister Boyle and Sister Trask. Sister Boyle came out the same time as me and she is training Sister Trask. It was pretty hectic for them getting everything all ready. We met them at the Family Home Evening that we have in Princeton every Tuesday. Elder Roney and I taught the 10 commandments to the group. The lesson went really well.
Wednesday: Started off the day with District Meeting. We got to meet the new members of our District. Most of us stayed the same, but it was nice to meet the new missionaries. District Meeting went well and we headed back to Princeton. District Meeting is in Hopkinsville. Elder Roney and I had a lunch appointment with the Wrights in Princeton. They are super cool members. They have a son on a mission in Montana. We had lunch with them and tried to hit a couple people on the way back up to Marion. That night we had a set appointment with a nice couple. They are potential investigators. They're name is Tom & Johanna. We had a pretty good lesson with them.
Thursday: Started off with heading down to Princeton to help the Sisters get to know their area. Brother and Sister Aherns picked us up to take us down there. The Elders that were there before them are down in Fairview, TN. They were assigned to Cadiz, but had to go down to Fairview for a little bit. So, the Sisters will just cover Cadiz until they get back. Anyways, the Elders didn't keep their area book updated or leave the sisters with a plan for the week. So, we went down and organized the area book, helped the understand who they were teaching, and prepare them for the week. The were grateful for the help. After that, we went back up to appointments we had in Marion. We met with a guy named, Todd and had a pretty good lesson. Then we met with Sheldon. He is our top investigator and he loves having us over and we love going over. We had an awesome lesson with!
Friday: We have weekly planning on Fridays. So, we planned for the next week (this week) for most of the morning. After that, Brother Aherns picked us up and took us to Kuttawa. They had a "fish-fry" so Brother Aherns took us and we got a lot of food and we were able to meet with some people. I tried catfish for the first time and I enjoyed it. It texture is like the fries at KFC and the taste is a little bit different than chicken, but still pretty similar. haha. Then he took us down to Princeton for the Broadcast of "Hastening the work". Sadly, the connection with the satellite made it not function properly. They said that they would get a copy of it to view it another time.
Saturday: We went out on exchanges with Brother Aherns and saw a bunch of people! We saw a lot of progressing investigators and it was a big success that day.
Sunday: We had a great Church service. We had a lot of investigators at church and a lot of members as well. The Sisters also had a lot of investigators at church, so the Branch was super happy. haha. I loved it. After church we went home and had normal studies until dinner. After dinner, we tried to see people, but it started to snow and rain a lot, so we had to go in early.
Yesterday: We got groceries, wrote letters, and played ping pong with Sheldon!! haha. Last Thursday, we found out that he has a ping pong table in his garage, so we went and played him! I dominated!! I loved it! We had no clue that Sheldon was so good a ping pong though. It was so hilarious watching him get into it and play us. After dinner, we tried to see a couple of people. Overall it was a fantastic day!
Well, it looks like Marion is having more freezing rain, so they are closing the library soon. I will have to finish email you guys tomorrow. Sorry. Thanks for everything!! You're the best! I love and miss all of you!!
-Love Elder Cottam

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