Monday, February 10, 2014

The library is finally open!

Hey Family & Friends!
  The weather is finally clear enough for us to use the library!! haha. Sorry I couldn't email/write all of you last week. I will write you guys back as soon as possible. Keep the letters/emails coming! I love each and everyone of them. Your support/love means everything to me.
Well I have to tell you, the days go by way fast here!! Elder Roney and I can never remember what we did the past week and it always feels like that was two weeks ago. haha. Just bare with me. Good thing we have a planner and journal! 
Monday: The Library was closed because of the weather, but we got to play ping pong with Seldon and I totally dominated!! haha. Seldon is pretty good, but I finally figured out his style. We went and talked to one of our investigators, Tod. He is a nice guy that works for the school as a history teacher. The lesson went pretty well, but I feel we could've done a better job.
Tuesday: We were locked inside for most of the day. Elder Roney and I created this volleyball game in our apartment and it is so much fun!! haha. We die of laughter everytime! haha.
Wednesday: We were supposed to have District Meeting, but we had to cancel it because of the weather. There was too much ice on the roads to drive down. So, we just stayed in for most of the day, then went out after dinner and did our best.
Thursday: The roads were still a little sketchy, but we were able to drive down to Hopkinsville for Zone Meeting. We had a great time and we learned a lot. We also learned that we are getting iPad Minis in a couple weeks!! We are so excited!! Then we came back and talked with a couple people in Princeton and Crayne. We talked with a less active that lives in Crayne and we were able to give her boyfriend a blessing. It went really well. Then we talked with Seldon that night like we always do Thursday night. We talked about what he read in the Book of Mormon and we talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We always have an awesoem lesson with him. We are seeing him tonight because President Anderson wanted to go bowling with us in Princeton then go out to see some of the people we are talking with. We were so surprised when President said he was coming down for us!! We are going to cream him in bowling!! haha. President will love Seldon.
Friday: We did a long weekly planning that helped us plan this week. Then we went out and tried to talk to a bunch of people, but we didn't have much luck.
Saturday: We went down to Eddyville & Kuttawa. We have quite a few Less Active Members down there. We started off with having lunch with Brother and Sister Carlisle. They fed us Chicken Noodle Soup and it was delicious. We talked about the Church with them and they gave us a neighbor to go see, but he wasn't too interested. Then Brother Aherns picked us up at the Carlisle's house and we went out and saw a bunch of less actives. We found two sisters that we haven't seen before and we are getting them visiting teachers. They were super nice and glad to see us. After we had a successful time with Brother Aherns, we went to Brother & Sister Walker's house for dinner. The fed us Chicken and Dumplings!! Sister Walker's Chicken and Dumplings are amazing!! haha. After dinner, they gave us a neighbor to see. We went and talked with another neighbor that we have talked with before and we got to know them really well.
Sunday: Church was canceled because of all the ice in the parking lot. (It wasn't that bad at all...) So, we couldn't go to Church :(. So, we had studies in the morning, then went out and saw a bunch of people and it ended up being a successful day. We had a sweet lesson with Tim & Trudy on the commandments. They love having us over and they love learning about the Gospel. The funny thing is, they pretty much know it all and live it, so all they need is baptism. Hopefully we can have them baptized next week or the week after that. Love it!!
Today: We will get our normal Pday stuff done. At 3, President is picking us up for bowling, dinner, then to see some of our invesitgators. If all goes well, we will have a fantastic day!! We are super excited!!
Elder Roney is probably my favorite companion so far! haha. We get along really well and we work hard. We always crack jokes at each other and we always look to make it fun. He is obedient and he loves this Gospel. I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father gives me so many great companions. I love it.
My District is doing really well. We have been having a lot of success and everyone is getting along.
We get to go to the Temple this week!! I'm so excited!! I've missed going. The Nashville Temple is pretty small, but I know that I will love it! I know it is the house of the Lord.
Thank you so much for everything you've done for me. I love you guys so much!! I miss you so much!! I hope you have an awesome week!
-Love Elder Cottam

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