Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Transfer week

Hey Family & Friends!!
  I have had a fantastic week! We just got back from an awesome transfer breakfast at Elder & Sister Bishop's house. We got to see a lot of our zone and we had some delicious food. Loved it!
  This week has been full of excitement. Had some really good lessons with Seldon, Tim & Trudy, Kendra, and Bill. They are all making progress in learning more about the Gospel. We also had an awesome soup activity at the church on Saturday. We had Tim, Trudy, and Bill come down to enjoy the activity. Tim & Trudy are a really nice couple and they are really interested in our church. They enjoyed the activity a lot and we got to know them a lot more! Tim & Trudy are really close to baptism and we feel they will make a lot of progress really soon. Bill enjoyed it as well. It was a huge success!
  The Princeton Elders also had a baptism this Sunday. Judy has been an investigator in the Princeton area for a long time, but always had the problem of smoking. She was finally able to quit smoking and be baptized yesterday. A bunch of sisters that have been teaching her in the past came up and saw her baptism. Mike even flew in from Colorado!! I missed having Mike around and it was so cool to see him and talk with him again. He is such a great guy!! I wish he was still living in Kentucky, but he is doing well on his adventures! haha.
  Since I'm the District Leader, I was able to interview Judy for her baptism and it was incredible! Her testimony of this Gospel is so strong! It has truly blessed her life. Her life has truly changed for the better. She had so much happiness and peace when I was interviewing her and she had an overwhelming glow about her when she was baptized. It was such a neat experience. She has gone through so much in her life and it was amazing to see how Jesus Christ could heal her. Yesterday was a fantastic day!
  Well you guys have probably heard that I'm staying in Marion with Elder Roney!! I was so happy to hear that we were staying. Elder Roney is a great companion and he works hard. We have done a lot of great things in Marion and we continue to make improvements! We hope to have 3 baptisms this transfer. Tim & Trudy are the closest. They know that the Book of Mormon is true and they are making a lot of progress!! Kendra also knows that the Book of Mormon is true. She loves reading and she loves learning more. I can't wait to see what happens in the Princeton Branch. We are also looking at getting a building up in Marion so we can have family home evening and hopefully sacrament. I'm so excited!! We are making a lot of progress!! Transfers also shook things up by replacing the Princeton Elders with Sisters again and moving the Elders down to Cadiz!!! Now we will have 3 sets of missionaries in the Princeton Branch. Right now the Cadiz Elders (Elder Lofthouse & Elder Short) have to go down to Tennessee for a "brief" time while they wait for another Elder to take their place. So, they will be in a "trio". It's a long story, but hopefully they're not down there too long.
  Oh how I love being a missionary!! I love seeing the progress of an area. Hopefully I can stay long enough to see the baptisms start. So excited!!
  Thank you so much for all that you do! I love you guys so much and I miss you so much! This Church is true!
-Love Elder Cottam

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