Monday, January 13, 2014

A pretty crazy week.......

Hey Family and Friends!!
  Man we have had a crazy week so far. haha. A lot of fun and a lot of progress with our investigators. We haven't had any new baptismal dates, but our investigators are making a lot of progress. As soon as we get somewhere to meet in Marion, we will be able to start family home evenings, sacrament meetings, and other fun activities. We really feel that once we get that, we will see a lot of baptisms and a lot of people learning about the Gospel. I love it!! You know, our weekly report to our zone leaders hasn't been the best we've done in a week, but it's not about numbers. Elder Roney and I are really making progress and we are really working hard. I feel an overwhelming sense of peace for the work we've done. Elder Roney has done a fantastic job. He has learned a lot and I have learned a lot from him. We both enjoy having each other around and we are getting a lot better at working in unity. He listens to my direction and he is obedient with exactness. I love him already. He is such a character sometimes. haha. I am having so much fun and I continue to enjoy being a missionary. I love sharing the Gospel with others and I love teaching them about the Book of Mormon. The more I read and study the Book of Mormon, the more I realize the truthfulness it contains. I have never come to understand the Book of Mormon more than I do right now. I have so much to learn and study and I love that I have so much to read and think about. Each and everyday I find more and more things to read and pray about. I love that I have a book that has endless things to study and ponder about. I love how it applies so much to me personally.
  This week was a pretty crazy week. haha. Elder Roney and I went on an exchange with Elder Short and Elder Lofthouse. They are in Princeton now. They replaced the sisters that were there. They are pretty funny Elders and they pretty unique. haha. Elder Lofthouse came up to Marion, while I went down to Princeton with Elder Short. We switched Friday night and we switched back at Church on Sunday. It's pretty funny, we all come from Utah and he lives pretty close to us. Elder Short lives in Herriman. It was a pretty cool "small world" moment when we first met each other cause he said that he worked at the District in the movie theather, so I asked him a couple names and he asked me if I knew a couple people and we ended up both knowing the Barlow twins. haha. We also knew Megan Judd. It was a pretty cool moment to talk about some people we knew. Anyways, the exchange was filled with crazy stuff. (More on Elder Roney's side haha) I helped Elder Short with getting the branch member list up to date. Elder Lofthouse ate a ton of my food... wasn't too happy about that. Now Elder Roney are trying to recover the crazy day. haha. Let's just say, Elder Roney and I are glad we are companions.
  Our investigators are doing pretty good, it will just take them some time until they know this Church is true. Hopefully they sincerely pray to Heavenly Father and find out soon. I love our investigators and I love the people of Marion. They are so kind and geneuine. I'm also finding a lot of success on Facebook. It's really easy to link others to different sources. The work is really moving forward!
  Thank you so much for all that you guys do. Keep the emails and letters coming. I love and miss you so much and I'm always praying for you guys. Thanks for all of your prayers. I can truly feel them and I can feel your love and support. You're the best! Love ya!
-Love Elder Cottam

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