Thursday, November 14, 2013

My mission is the best. Yep....that sums it up!

Hey Friends and Family!
  My mission is the best. Yep...that sums it up... haha... To start off, I want to say sorry for not writing any of you on MondayMonday was Veterans Day and the libraries were closed. I was going to write you on Tuesday, but we had a big Zone Conference. So...that's why I'm writing you TODAY. haha. I don't know what I'll write in this email because I have so much to share with you guys, but I'll try my best. (_Here we go_) (AKA Mike Dunning quote) (Probably the greatest convert in the world!!)
  Anyways, I just want everyone to know that I am having so much fun on my mission. I love every single second. The Spirit is amazing. I love teaching about the Spirit and I love the fact that I'm surrounded by so many wonderful missionaries. They have so much happiness in their life and they LOVE and LIVE the gospel each and everyday. They have taught me so much. This Gospel has brought me so much happiness. I LOVE and LIVE the gospel each and everyday. I LOVE IT! I am learning so much. These people in Kentucky and Tennessee are truly remarkable people. I love them with all my heart. Especially President and Sister Anderson. They have so much love. They have such strong faith and they are so funny! Especially President Anderson. haha. You CANNOT have a bad day when you're around these people. You just can't! haha. Sister Anderson is a sweetheart. Everyone loves her. It's impossible NOT to love her. Mission life is fantastic. Happiness comes with perspective. (Mormon 7:7) (Favorite Scripture!!)
  Last week we had transfers. Elder Fisher was called to Mayfield, Kentucky (not very far away). President Anderson said that he has been doing a fantastic job with training new missionaries. (I TOTALLY AGREE). So, President Anderson gave me Elder Fincher to do the rest of my "training" haha. I was sad that Elder Fisher had to go, but I am loving Elder Fincher. He is so funny and he is completely obedient. We are doing so well together and we learn from each other each and everyday.
Elder Fincher (I see what you did there President Anderson. haha.)
-From New Mexico
-Loves Dirt Bikes
-He turns 21 really soon. 
(By the way, Elder Fisher is older than Brady. When I found out, I was blown away!! haha.)
-About 6' 3"
-Wants to go into Massage Therapy or Food Nutrition (I don't know why, but my companions have similarities to Brady. haha.)
-Likes spicy food
-Loves movies
-Has helped me realize that you miss a lot of stuff when your gone. haha. I listed a bunch of popular movies that he has never seen. haha. I knew it was going to happen. I just don't know what I'm missing. haha.
-This is his last transfer!! In missionary terms: "I'm killing off my Step-Dad"
Missionary Terms (haha. I just had to explain)
-Dad (First Trainer) (Usually trains you for the full 12 weeks of "training")
-Step-Dad (Only if your Dad leaves you, like me...)
-Killing (If you are with someone and that transfer, they go home)
-Brother (If your Dad trains another.) (I have about 3 Brothers and 2 Step-Brothers. haha.)
-Step-Brother (If your Step-Dad trains another missionary)
-Cousin (Don't ASK!) (haha. Just Kidding.)
Don't you LOVE the missionary terms. haha. Yeah I know...this is the work of a bunch of bored missionaries. haha. You gotta love it!
  Anyways... I don't even know how that happened. Oh well... Elder Fincher is fantastic. Elder Fincher has helped me out with a lot of things. I was sick and tired of eating bad things and I wanted to learn more about healthier foods. So, Elder Fincher has helped me understand the basics of eating better. It's really easy too. Small and simple changes have really helped! I don't know how to describe the changes, but I know that it is helping a bunch! I will still eat dessert and stuff. haha. I couldn't live without that!
  This past week has been mainly transfers and getting Elder Fincher acquainted with Marion. Marion is so much fun. We are teaching a bunch of people and we have 2 really good progressing investigators. They are so close!! I am so happy with how the lessons have been going with them. They are reading the Book of Mormon, they are praying, and they are learning from the Spirit. One of our progressing investigators is coming to church. I love it!
  Well that's all for today. I will tell you more next week. Thanks for all the support! Thanks for all the love. Thanks for all the letters and emails. Please be patient with me in responding. I am trying my best. I love you guys. I miss you so much.
-Love Elder Cottam

Just a Note from Elder Cottam's Mom:  
As of November 11th, Elder Cottam has been out for 2 months!  
Only 22 more to go!

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