Saturday, November 9, 2013


Tyson had a very busy Monday, so we didn't get an email.  
We got a letter instead on Thursday.  Here it is.  
He had a very big change this week.  

Hey Family,
  Well, I am writing you guys a letter because we're having a transfer breakfast today.  I will still email you if I can, but I won't get much time today.  This week has been pretty crazy. I've been through one complete transfer.  There are 16 transfers total, so I only have to go through it 15 more times. Well, I have some important news to share with you before I talk about my week.  Since this is the end of the transfer, President  Anderson tells us if we are staying in the same area or going to a new one.  Well, Elder Fisher and I though we would stay together because I'm still training and we just opened Marion.  We were wrong... Elder Fisher is leaving me!  I am staying in Marion and getting a new trainer.  My new companion's name is Elder Fincher.  Very similar name.  haha.  He also looks similar. haha.  This will be his last transfer.  I hope I like him.  I've only heard good things about him.  I'm super excited. 

  Ethan's baptism was amazing!!  The spirit was so strong.  I could feel Heavenly Father's love for Ethan.  We both felt so much peace,  I was so grateful that he chose me to baptize him.  It meant the world to me.  Now it wasn't the perfect baptism (I had to shove him completely under), but the Holy Ghost testified of the truth.  I wish you guys could of been there.  But I felt your love and prayers. 

  For the past 2 weeks, Elder Fisher and I have been church "hopping".  We went to 3 different churches.  We have been going to their Bible Study.  We want to try to gain a friendship with them.  We didn't want them to feel like we hated them.  The bible studies have been different, but I am learning more about the bible.  I'm also seeing why we can't have "modern English/modern language" bibles.  It creates confusion between which translation is correct.  The vocabulary is so important.  Making sure we have the correct translation is so important.  I have found it very interesting, while I've been coming to bible studies, how many different copies or translations of the bible they have throughout their church.  I don't mean to mock or disagree with other churches.  I love them.  They are good people and they truly love Christ.  I love hearing their testimonies. 

  Regular missionary life.  What is regular missionary life?  haha.  Each day is a miracle and exciting in it's own way.  I love being a missionary.  I love the gospel.  I love being a servant of the Lord.   I love wearing the missionary name tag.  Each night we plan out the next day and I've realize every single day is different but unique. 

Subject Change- President and Sister Anderson are amazing! They are so nice to us.  They do so much for us.  I feel their love everyday.  They would do anything for us.  President Anderson is so funny.  He will jump into any game we are playing.  He tells the best jokes.  We always have the best time when we are around them. 

  For p-day today we played Frisbee with a ward member at Cadiz park.  So much fun!  We also went to an antique shop.  So fun.  We did this because we have an Elder who is leaving today.  :( 

  Well, I've got to go.  I miss you guys and love you so much.  Thank you for all the letters, email, and packages.  I love them so much.  Especially the packages.  I hope you enjoyed this crazy letter of mine. haha.  Love you and miss you. Thanks for everything. 

Love always.
Elder Cottam

Some random pictures.  
That is not Tyson's new companion.  That is the Elder that is going home.  

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